After loosing a loved one, clients are often overwhelmed and distressed over the amount of paperwork, time, and energy required to probate their loved one’s estate. Regardless of whether or not the decedent had a will, navigating the Probate Court can be a challenging task. This issue can be further complicated if the estate becomes involved in any type of litigation, or if your “family” attorney doesn’t practice in this area.

At PROVENCE MESSERVY, we understand Probate Court and focus a large amount of our practice on assisting Personal Representatives or other interested parties in handling all the issues that surround someone’s death. From wrongful deaths to will contests, we take you step by step through the system. We understand the needs of our clients and fully help you address both the financial and emotional issues that arise at this time.   

Some benefits of working with PROVENCE MESSERVY include a wide range of packages from simple document review to full file management, to fit every budget. And, for those clients who are internet savvy, our automated forms allow clients to work with us over the internet or in online collaborative workspaces to reduce the numbers of appointments, time missed from work, and trips to the courthouse.

Lastly, if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being involved in an estate that is headed towards litigation, our firm can provide you multiple options:

MEDIATION - With attorney’s certified in both civil and family mediation, PROVENCE MESSERVY can act as a mediator between yourself and other interested parties. Or, we can act as your personal representation if you are court ordered to mediation with another mediator. While mediation in Probate Courts is relatively new, it’s taking hold quickly and our attorney, Tiffany Provence, established the pilot program for Dorchester County during her tenure as Probate Judge.

LITIGATION - With ten years experience on the Probate bench, litigation is our strong-suit. From will contests to removing Personal Representatives that have gone awry, we’re at home in the Probate Court when it comes to representing our clients.

From helping you plan your own estate, to assisting you in probating someone else’s, PROVENCE MESSERVY is poised to help. To learn more about Probate Court, please view a few of the links provided on this page. For a consultation on probate matters, please contact our office at (843) 871-9500 or email us today. 


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