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Divorce is a time of great emotional turmoil, stress, and conflict. At PROVENCE MESSERVY, we understand first hand the legal, emotional, and financial issues that surround this area of the law. Not only have we represented clients during these difficult times, but we’ve been there ourselves. Separation, divorce, adoption, and step-parenting are not only practice areas for us, they have impacted our personal lives as well. Because of this, we take a client centered approach to Family Law by working with you and for you on all the difficult hurdles ahead.

PROVENCE MESSERVY addresses and settles concerns regarding child custody, visitation of parents, and child support, as well as issues which relate to financial and property matters, such as ownership of the house and financial accounts.

Aside from being accustomed to South Carolina laws concerning divorce, we’re also adept in mediation and collaborative law to assist you in an amicable divorce where possible. We prefer to focus on attaining a peaceful solution to severe family issues, instead of worsening the war. However, our lawyers are qualified to intervene between conflicts, regardless of how ferocious they may turn out to be. And, our more than 30 years of Family Law experience will allow you to focus on repairing your personal life while we handle the details of the divorce.

A person who undergoes the process involving divorce needs to be sure that he/she makes the right choice, in a tough time such as this. Our goal is to give reasonable and sound legal advice, help people in the prevention of expensive mistakes in the collapse of a marriage, and guide them through the legal technicalities of the entire process under South Carolina law.

We invite you to use the links to learn more about divorce law in South Carolina, Child Support Guideline, and Mediation in Family Law. We also invite you to read our Mediation and Mediation FAQ page if that avenue to resolving your differences interests you.

If PROVENCE MESSERVY may be of assistance to you during this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.


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